Liquid Refrigerant Optimizer - LRO

Sample of projects completed

We have completed numerous projects with clients across Australia from large organizations to private shop.



Decision was made to create one large coolroom by removing a partition wall between a freezer room and coolroom. The room size is 5m x 4.5m x 2.7m high. LRO system was fitted with a capacity of 4.5 kW at -5 SST. The room is operating perfectly at 2°C with just 1.2kg of R404A.








A new freezer room installed with size of 14m x 8m x 5m high. An LRO system was fitted with 18 kW at -25 SST refrigeration capacity. The room function at -20°C with a total refrigerant gas charge of 9.4kg of R404A.

The estimated for a conventional refrigeration system would be in the vicinity of 60kg for a system this size which represents a saving of $11,132 in refrigerant charge.

Complete electrical installation by Anylec (Division of Anycool Pty Ltd)



IRT Catering produces 44,000 plated meals a week. Due to age, a complete refrigeration plant replacement was commission in conjuction with an extension of the main building and coolroom area. LRO systems were installed reducing the existing plant total gas charge from 340kg to 55kg which represents a saving of $62,700 in refrigerant charge. IRT total exposure to a gas leak is now less than 10kg.

This new 256m2 coolroom was commissioned on just 7.1kg of R404A.



These 2 identical units are connected to identical individual freezer rooms.

The unit on the left lost its entire R404A refrigerant gas charge of 85kg due to a crack in its liquid pipe line. Instead of recharging the system as it was with R404A, an LRO retrofit was performed and the unit is now running with only 14.8kg of R404A which represents a saving of $15,440 in refrigerant charge.

This compressor is using less power than before and performance has improved with more rapid temp pull down.

The unit on the left utilizes LRO with 14.8kg. The unit on the right has no LRO and is charged with 85kg of R404A. The cost of the LRO retrofit was less than the cost of replacing the entire gas charge.





Joto Fresh Fish approaches Anycool to build an entire new process facility. Incorporating the LRO system over five refrigerated areas totally 650m2. Joto's exposure to a gas loss is no more than 10kgs at worse.

Anycool built the entire factory including all trades from plumbing, electrical (by Anylec), panel works, structural works and refrigeration. The facility is a benchmark in food preparation factory.




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